I am a local theatre artist and I teach theatre classes and direct around town. As the director of the theatre production classes at Compass Community, a homeschool CoOp in Athens, I wanted to be able to provide a theatrical environment and experience for my students while presenting our show. The Marigold Auditorium was the perfect place for our school’s production. The renovations to the space provided an elevated experience for my students and for the audience. The stage and house seating were picturesque and just the right size for our school. The equipment and lighting were easy to use, after a tutorial given by the MA Staff. The MA Staff were very knowledgeable of the space, provided swift answers to any questions, could be reached easily, and were helpful throughout the entire booking and rental process. We had a wonderful time being there and hope to come back again. 

Danielle M.

It’s been 30+ years since I stepped into the Marigold Auditorium for Arts and Culture, and yet again, it did not disappoint! After years of renting out-of-town venues, I decided to try local again. The Marigold Auditorium was a perfect location for my studio’s dance recital in February of 2022. On the day of the recital, David was very helpful and accommodating and a master of lighting and sound! The original brick walls made the perfect background for pre-recital photos. The beautiful light fixtures brought an old-world feel to the large room along with original theater seating. The Auditorium still had a few construction projects occurring but it did not deter us from having a successful recital. In fact, I think it encouraged people to spread the word that something “GREAT” was coming back to Winterville, Georgia! I’m so thankful that David and the City of Winterville have decided to restore such a beautiful and historic venue in our hometown! I look forward to many more dance recitals and events at the newly renovated Marigold Auditorium!

Katy T.